There are various ways by which you can start to trade online. But before that, we need to understand what is a trading account. A trading account is held by a broker that enables an investor to deal in various securities. In order to be trading in the share market, you need a trading account. ICICI direct offers are rated to be among the top discount brokers in the country.

The process of online trading

If you are planning to trade online you might need a trading account with a Demat account. Mostly these accounts are opened by an online broking firm. Secondly, before you are planning to trade in a share market you need to have knowledge about the market along with its features. An investor has to keep on checking the financial news. Thirdly before you execute the real art of trading try to practice with demo accounts.

To trade online is better rather than the conventional trading mode. With the emergence of an online world, an investor has a lot of information at his peril that makes trading decisions simpler. The onus is on him to choose stocks that perform the best. An investor has an in-depth information about all the transactions as they can plan in a better way. it also means they can take decisions that can lead to profitable trading.

Online trading presents investors with numerous options like maintaining of margin accounts, retirement accounts etc. Before proceeding further you need to have an idea about a trading account.

The benefits of availing an online trading account


The major effect of an online trading account is that it is cost-effective. Since most of the trading occurs via an online platform and the middlemen is eliminated an investor ends up saving a lot of money.

Facilitates better decision

Since the trading account records all the information of the transactions an investor can make better decisions in terms of his profitability. All the decisions that he makes do have a bearing on his future.


Having an online trading account sums up the convenience aspect in a big way. The best part is that the customers can operate their accounts from any remote corner of the world or at any time as per their convenience.

The difference between online and offline trading

First and foremost when you are dealing offline you need the services of a stockbroker whereas in online trading no need for a broker exists. With online trading, it can be undertaken with the help of a computer or a smartphone as just you need an internet connection. On the other hand, offline trading means you have to proceed to the office of a stockbroker. Another major benefit of online trading is middlemen is removed. On the other hand charges of the middlemen cannot be eradicated in case of offline trading.

To sum it up online trading is beneficial on all counts.

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